French visitors (

In preparation for our trip to Canada John and I have signed up with The idea being we are able to host touring cyclists providing accommodation/space to camp/facilities etc as they pass through Bendigo. This reciprocal arrangement will then allow us to look up Canadian hosts as we cross the country from West to East. This is a very economical way to travel and of course meet some wonderful people with interests similar to our own.

This week we were fortunate to host our first “warm showers” touring visitors. This very nice french couple and their two young boys have made themselves quite at home on our tiny back lawn and garage. They have ridden from Dubbo and are on their way to South West Victoria. Fortunately for us they spoke English but it did us give the opportunity to practice a few french words we retained from our trip to France in 2010. We have really enjoyed having them and it was particularly useful for John and I to pick up a few hints about what we need, don’t need, tools etc for a major bike tour. We will look forward to keeping in touch with them and hopefully we will one day visit them in their home town of Redon, Brittany. Being relatively close to the Loire River, it is one of the great attractions for cyclists in this area.

Just by way of update from my first blog, frustratingly my touring bike hasn’t arrived, now more than 2 months later than when it was first expected. I’m getting itchy to do some trial runs with all the gear (which is still being accumulating). If it doesn’t turn up soon I will need to start considering an alternative to the Vivente World Randonneur.

I have loaded some photos into the gallery, if you are interested in scenery from French Alps and the Dordogne area of South West France. I have also included some photos from my recent camping trip to North East Victoria. Riding Mt Hotham never gets any easier, but Mt Buffalo is still one of my favourites.