20 degrees below zero!

I have just been conversing with a colleague at Farm Credit Canada (Regina), who advised the winter has been very “dry and mild”, and some are already worried about drought conditions for the summer. He went on to say this could all change in a hurry as they typically get about half their annual rainfall in April through to June. The rain usually comes via storms from which they measure the rain showers in centimetres. He also advised wind is normal, but high winds are common. John and I should see the tail end of seeding as we head across the Prairies, but will also mean we can expect to get drenched occasionally and hoping the wind doesn’t blow us back to Vancouver!

 I know it gets cold in Canada, but what I initially thought he meant by “dry” was less rain, but he was actually referring to the fact they have had virtually no snow. Whilst it has been mild, he reported that it was 20 degrees below zero this morning in Regina, one of the coldest days of winter so far. A far cry from the 40 degree + temperatures and high winds we were pushing into on the weekend.

5 thoughts on “20 degrees below zero!

  1. Alistair,

    i was on a farm outside of Marwayne in Alberta in 1985. from memory the temperature ranged between -40 degrees celcuis and just over 30 degrees on teh upside. that was from April to mid November, so expect a big range of temps.

    Lloyd and Greta Gray were my hosts in Marwayne, which from mmeory is about 30 miles NW of Lloydminister. i have not been intouch for a long time, but i beleive they are still there today.

    • As you sent your comment I was checking out better ways to keep warm, particularly when I am not on the bike. Trick is to try and find something that is lightweight and packs down as well. The www has been great for checking stuff out, and timing is pretty good to buy things as retailers are trying to off load stock at heavily discounted prices.

  2. Hello Gentlemen,
    All the best to you on your Canadian adventure.
    I cycled across Canada last year ( ww.chrisacrosscanada.com) and being a Canadian it didn’t take me as long as it will you on getting to your start point. Actually my start point was my front door. I live in Sooke, British Columbia which is about 40 km. west of Victoria.
    I work part-time at a bike shop in Victoria so if you need any assistance in regards to bicycles, routes, accommodations or ? just email me. My address is listed on my web site under the “Communications” tab.
    I look forward to “following” you on your trip,

    • Hi Chris, great to hear from a fellow touring cyclists and your offer of support. Hopefully we wont need too much mechanical assistance so early in our trip, but you never know. I will also check out your website. One of the great things we have found so far is all of the new contacts we are making.

      We will try to keep the blogs interesting. kind regards, Alistair

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