Time for living the dream

Hello family, friends, work colleagues and everyone else taking an interest in this tour. Having arrived safely after the long haul to Vancouver I was greeted with some of the best scenery I have ever seen. Better than I had dreamt it to be.

Travelling by bus to Pemberton the road snaked along with magnificent harbour and steep mountain views all the way to Squamish. From there to Pemberton via Whistler the mountains just got bigger and more stunning. It is officially the end of the snow season but there is still plenty around. Although very tired, having a sleep had to wait so I didn’t miss anything. I have been told the scenery gets even better so the appetite is well and truly wetted to get the tour underway.

John and Annie have been in Pemberton for a few days, staying with John’s very hospitable son Brendan, daughter in law Marnie and two children Rowan and Sophie. These few days providing family time for John and Annie, rest after our respective plane journeys, put our bikes back together, get supplies, pack panniers and a bit of sight seeing etc., before the touring starts in earnest on Thursday morning as we head off to Vancouver Island.

Being close to the very popular ski resort of Whistler, Pemberton is like what the town of Bright or Mt Beauty is to Falls Creek in the Victorian alps. Many of Whistler’s services and labour is located here together with a small amount of farming. With fertile river flats, organic farms and active community apparently the “slow food” movement started here. Seed potatoes are also grown here for farms east of the Rockies.

On Thursday we will have a 26km haul out of Pemberton to Whistler as a rather testing warm up, before a mostly downhill 75km run to Horseshoe Bay to catch a ferry over to the Island. It will be hard to keep going as I’m sure we will want to take advantage of the many photo opportunities.
Did John eat too much pasta while he was in Italy?

It is still pretty cold over here so we will be tested during our first night of camping. Have we got enough warm clothes?

The 1st 2 photos are from the Pemberton area with stunning views of Mt Currie in the background and a couple from the bus trip to get here.





6 thoughts on “Time for living the dream

  1. Hey Alistair, love the photos – the scenery is just beautiful although I don’t envy the ‘camping’ part. Looking forward to regualr updates – I’ve posted this on yammer too…

    • Thanks Kathy, quite a challenging day today, 125km many hills and light rain for most of it. Highlight was seeing 2 bears. Will post pictures in another blog.


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