Annie holds up ferry!

Quite an eventful day all in all. John and Alistair rode 75km along a beautiful stretch of coastline from Gibsons to meet the ferry at Earls Cove. As it turned out we had a three hour wait for the next ferry so we all (Annie joined us by car soon after we arrived) spent the time talking to locals which was all very interesting.

Finally the ferry arrives and we go to drive the car only to find Annie had locked the keys in the car. To make matters worse the car was at the head of the line so we had a full contingent of onlookers offering advice as to how to break into a Volvo. At this point we were pretty sure the ferry would have to leave without us, which would mean missing another connecting ferry to Vancouver Island.

Meanwhile, as we were flapping around the car a truck and trailer with an excavator was making its way onto the ferry. Before too long there was a fair bit of swearing and commotion due to the trailer getting caught in the ferry ramp which generated far more interest than us on shore trying to break into the car. The short of it is, the very persistent Ferry terminal assistant managed to do the old coat hanger trick on the lock just prior to the trailer being freed from the ramp. So 40min later than scheduled departure we managed to get on board with many of the passengers coming up to us saying it was our lucky day. There was going to be no more riding today so we all piled into the car to make up some time and get to the next ferry.

All was forgotten as we were rewarded with more stunning views. We finally made it to our final destination (Comox) on Vancouver Island after 10am.





3 thoughts on “Annie holds up ferry!

  1. May all your troubles turn out this way: good story, a few chuckles and forgotten.
    Sharon, Vancouver

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