Sue’s Place

Yes I am thinking about my stomach. Having just ridden one of the longest inclines on Vancouver Island and already done 70km I was starting to wonder where my next feed was going to come from. And there it was, a perfectly placed cabin (for a cyclist anyway) with a small kitchen not too unlike a normal domestic kitchen turning out great coffee, soups, sanwiches etc. Sue and I had a great chat around the kitchen table and on parting she gave me a huge slice of home made trail bar. Thanks Sue – I said I would give you a plug.

So if there are any touring cyclists reading this, please call in on Sue’s Place. Approx 45km South of Sayward or 80km North of Comox.

John and Annie caught up with and interviewed Professor George Penfold and his partner Marilyn Armstrong in Comox (George is one of John’s colleagues who had worked in the same field as John), then proceeded to the Courtnay Farmers Market and sampled the fare. By the time I arrived in Sayward John had the bison risotto on the go. Great meal John, thanks.

A few photo’s from the 125km ride up from Comox to Sayward.






5 thoughts on “Sue’s Place

  1. Well done Alistair, love your words and photos, sounds like you have made a career as a travel commentator!! Good rains here in West Aust over most of Ag areas but not Northern W/belt, so season has begun for most farmers. Like the sound of the Bison Risotto, would have thought they would be a protected species! or do they farm them in Canada?

    • Hi Dad, good to hear you have had some rain. If you read yesterdays blog you will see rain is something they have in abundance here.

      I suspect someone would be farming the Bison, however we haven’t been anywhere near what you would a commercial farm since I got here.

      Glad you are enjoying the posts.


  2. I thought you were doing a study tour. Seems that was just a thin disguise for a gourmet bicycle tour! When I get to Canada, I’ll be sure to visit Sue’s kitchen.

  3. Loving the stories and photos Al – looking just fantastic. I’m posting entries to yammer also and we’ve decided in our weekly meeting that the ‘light moment’ will be catching up on your latest adventures…great stuff!

    • Al I cannot wait to start eating the local fair. Bison sounds good. I heard syrup flavoured salmon jerky is ok as well.

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