North Island- it is wet up here.

Highlights so far would have to be the Canadians we have met, and in particular the people we have met in some of the more remote areas. I know we have said much about the scenery, but in talking to the locals it adds a whole new dimension to what you think about a place. In showing a bit of interest people are only too happy to show us around, and probably places you wouldn’t normally see as a tourist.

By way of a couple of example the local delivery agent (and photographer) in Port Alice took us up to a lookout where we could get great views of the inlet etc. (See photos from the golf course below). The local take-away owners gave us some background history and helped us get a sense of the community, as did the municipal administrator of Port Alice. John will elaborate more about Pt Alice but we get the impression they are not too happy with the previous American owners of the local timber mill (and main employer), yet interestingly the community is happy with the new Chinese owners, who also seem to be doing the right thing and make a valuable contribution to the community. Click here to see John’s report on Port Alice.

It is so wet up here in the North Western part of Vancouver Island the locals don’t bother recording the rain. A quick look on Google shows the annual rainfall of Port Alice at 3.3m (one of the wettest places in Canada). It was pretty cool the night we were there and it rained most of the night. Although rain didn’t enter my tent, the top of my sleeping bag was wet from condensation so it was good to be back on the West side of the island tonight where the sun was shining to dry out my kit.

Tonight we are back at Fisherboy Park, Sayward Junction. This is a great value campground with good amenities. Given we have made up a day we will do a ride in the local area where we have been promised we will see sea eagles, seals and possibly killer whales, so we are all looking forward to that.

The cycling continues to be fantastic and I will let the photos speak for themselves. By the way, along with the bear, we also saw an otter and a few deer. Although we didn’t see a cougar they are becoming a menace up this way, as the notices on the local bill boards attest with people looking for their missing cats.

For the cyclists, click here to take you to John’s Garmin stats for the days cycling which will give you an idea of the terrain.












3 thoughts on “North Island- it is wet up here.

  1. Loving the photos Alistair, and the story too. There has been a lot of negative media around the foreign ownership debate here in Australia in recent weeks. Interesting to hear about the Chinese as an investor and community partner.

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