Rain Hail and Shine

As the title suggests we got it all today as we travelled the 125km back down the east coast of Vancouver Island from Sayward to Comox.

One of the notable things looked at today was the Seymour Narrows – a treacherous sea passage that has claimed many lives and ships. One of the stories recounted by one of the locals was about loggers witnessing a saw log being sucked down by a vortex and then being spat out into the air a few hundred meters from where it went down. Photo of the narrows below.

We just had to call back into Sue’s Place (refer to previous blog) to say hello and buy some of her homemade trail-bar slice to keep us well fuelled for the next couple of days. John was a few minutes ahead of me and when I entered Sue’s kitchen he was well tuckered into the largest cinnamon bun you could imagine. Not even he could finish it off so I reluctantly volunteered and even that was almost too much for me.

The hail storm was quite impressive, leaving a carpet of hail stones. See photos below.

The day was finished off with a wonderful pub dinner with our now firm friends George and Marilyn. They introduced us to the Black Finn Pub, apart from good food they have one of the best restaurant views overlooking snow capped mountains. (see photos below). href=”https://canadothis.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/20120510-175000.jpg”>;20120510-175000.jpg









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