Time to take in the sights

We all welcomed a break from cycling today and Annie a spell from driving, filming, and numerous other jobs she has been undertaking. Yesterday we three riders clocked up 135km (Trevor says 140km but he is claiming the short ferry ride we took to avoid a very dangerous part of the highway) for the trip from Nanoose Bay to Victoria (Capital of B.C). We were only on the Trans Canada Highway for a few sections but it was fast paced and very noisy, particularly with the high portion of large vehicles. The decibels go up another notch when we were passed by vehicles with the special tyres used for the treacherous road conditions in the winter so conversation was limited to quieter back roads. Although there wasn’t much conversation when we had a short 14% climb to tackle!

Today was a time for reflection on our learnings from the trip, what can be improved etc, some of which I think we will cover off in another blog for the benefit of anyone contemplating a trip like this. The rest of the day was devoted to walking/riding around the city and a bit of shopping. We also stubbled into street events like the annual Tweed Ride, where participant dress in 1920’s style clothing and ride their old bikes (see photo).

For a capital city Victoria is not large with a population of around 330,000 (Population of B.C. is 4.4M). It is very pretty and being warmer than any other part of BC there are also some very nice gardens. The dominant older buildings are Parliament House and the Empress Hotel located around the inner harbour (photos attached).

We are here for another day before we head to Vancouver on Monday via ferry.













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