Social Day

John has taken up the reins for todays blog given most of our visits were to old friends and colleagues.

It was great to catch up with Manny, Helga and Mimi Jailly. Manny co-edited with John their comparative study of Australian and Canadian Local Government published by University of Toronto Press in 2010. Both Manny and Helga are on staff at U Vic and are doing good work in their respective careers. Mimi speaks Icelandic to her Mum and French to her Dad, and English at her Montessori school. It was delightful to hear this beautiful four year old speak three languages over morning coffee. We look forward to watching her develop over the years.


Lunch with old friends Gary Paget, Brian and Susan Walisser (at their home) was special. The sun was shining and just like spring back home the air was a buzz with lawnmowers this Mothers Day in Canada. I enjoyed catching up with Gary and Brian – two people who have helped me learn so much about Canadian society over the last six years. They have both been helpful arranging for me to meet people in BC communities.


As we cycled – first to Oak Bay Marina to have coffee with Manny, Helga and Mimi, then to the Walisser’s for lunch we passed several lemonade stands where young entrepreneurs were selling lemonade. At 50c a glass it seemed like good value so Alistair and Trevor topped up before lunch and it also doubled the girls profit for the day. If only they were along the way as we cross Canada!


Our stay in Victoria has been extra special staying with the Reimer-Jones family. Daegen is a busy mom with rowing early mornings as well as a full time job in the Federal Government. Steve has been working while we were here on his cadet officer training course. We got to meet him this Sunday night over a dinner with the whole family: Zac, Samantha and Thomas are a lot of fun with as many questions – all considered and discussed by the family. Their hospitality has been wonderful, and greatly appreciated.


Star attractions at the Oak Bay Marina where 2 seals and a pesky otter. They were obviously on a good wicket being as fat as mud with onlookers only too happy to feed them especially when they started to perform by flapping their fins on the water.



The photo looking out over the Juan de Fuca Straights towards USA includes a Log Boom (A single tug taking a massive amount of logs to a mill).



3 thoughts on “Social Day

  1. Dear John Annie Alistair & Trevor
    Thank you for the time and effort to keep your trip updated on the blog. This will be a great asset for many seeking similar adventures. Your time reminds me of a lovely saying – Went out to look for a friend could not find any – went out to be a friend and found many. Your friendly outlook and nature will draw many to meet and greet. Lovely ambassadors of Bendigo Ausralia and Cycling. Many Blessings and love to all. Our prayers are over you and with you

    • Thanks Eddie, very appropriate saying. We are enjoying recounting our activities each day. Also welcoming the feedback we are getting re the blog.
      kind regards, Alistair, John, Annie and Trevor

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