Blown to “Hope”

We were very fortunate to get a car ride out of Vancouver this morning (thanks Sharon) which saved us the hassle of trying to navigate some very busy roads, road works etc. This meant we only had an 89km trip from Mission to Hope and with the wind on our back for most of the way we could average a modest 25km/hr.

The route we took followed close to the Fraser River and at times we caught glimpses of the wider Fraser Valley.




This is the first time we have seen what could be considered commercial dairy and horticultural operations since we have been in Canada. It would appear most of the dairy farms were “cut and carry” operations as we noted many large sheds for housing the cows and very few cows in paddocks.

There is a photo below showing a tractor and muck spreader. We couldn’t get past fast enough as the smell was going the same way we were. I’m not that fussy about farm smells but I can assure you it was pretty high.





Lunch was at the aptly named “Sasquatch Inn”


We are spending the night at a camp ground in Hope surrounded by magnificent trees. Ice melt coming off the mountain in the background is feeding a fast flowing river only 50m from our tent. We know there is quite a strong wind about, but in here it is perfectly still and relatively warm compared to some of the nights we experienced on the North end of Vancouver Island.



While in the campground we bumped into some Australians from Brisbane and had dinner with a girl who is also riding her bike across Canada alone. Like us Kate (on RHS of photo) is also writing a blog of her travels. (Kate’s blog)



3 thoughts on “Blown to “Hope”

  1. Hi Al, John, Trev and Annie
    Have just started to follow you on your blog. Fantastic photos and great stories The photos bring back great memories as Lyn and I drove in a motor home from Calgary to Vancouver in ’97. I must admit I’m a tad jealous of you riding your bike around that beautiful area (not on cold wet days though). You must do a detour of the Icefield Pkwy and do a conoe trip on Lake Morain (near Lake Louise). It is the bluest lake I have ever seen. Looking forward to receiving your blog updates. Take care. Cheers
    Lyn & Kevin

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