Rocky Mountain High

Today Canadians are returning home after their first long weekend for the year. A lot of people from Calgary come over the Rockies to stay in the popular Okanagan region an as such the Trans Canada 1 was going to be very heavy with traffic. Combined with rain and poor visibility we decided it was best to put the bikes in the car (which also meant bringing Brendan’s truck along so we could fit everyone and everything in) and motor the 280km to Golden. Whilst a little disappointed we didn’t get to ride, having seen the road conditions we made the right decision.

The other bonus to using the car is we will gain an extra day which can be spent in Banff.

Today wasn’t conducive to taking photos but I did managed to get a few which I hope give you an idea what it is like in this part of the Rockies.

The photos below were taken at Rogers Pass, at 1,330m this is the highest point the Trans Canadian Hwy traverses through the Rockies. The local wildlife welcomed some high protein snacks after the long winter.






The photos below were taken on along the way, mostly on the move and through the windscreen of the car. It was a particularly heavy snow season and we saw many trees that had been fattened due to avalanches.





Our campground (Whispering Spruce) just outside the town of Golden provided us with a great view of the mountain range on the west side of the Columbia River valley. (See photo)




8 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Hi Alistair Sounds like you’re having fun! I know Rogers Pass very well, having taken 14 hours to drive from Vancouver to Penticton 18 months ago through a terrible storm. Loving the pictures. Say hi to my mother in law in Penticton for me. Take care and travel safe AWA

    • Hi AWA, good to hear from you. Yes, a lot of fun. Today was a highlight as we rode from Golden to Banff but will add detail to tonights blog. Regards Alistair

  2. Dear Trev,
    Great to see what you’re up to. It looks incredible. I can’t imagine cycling through those mountains! I remember how gorgeous the Canadian wildlife was and your photos are great. Amazing adventure! Good on you! Love Suse

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