Trevor bares all

After an emotional farewell from Jack and Marg Jones in Kamloops we headed to Eagle Bay, on the shores of Shuswap Lake. This wasn’t on our original itinerary but we received an invitation from Glenn Johanson and Margaret Gibson to stay with them at their dream house on the lake. This small diversion was a great way to spend the evening before getting to the Rockies.

We were treated to a delicious prime rib beef roast, delightful company and wonderful views. Glen and Margaret are very proud of their house and are great entertainers. As with all of our hosts we have been spoilt with generosity and hospitality.








Apparently Margaret had warned the neighbours she would be having some mad Aussies to stay for the night, and true to form we (Trevor) didn’t disappoint. Trev, being so shy thought a skinny dip in the lake was a good idea, and the neighbours offered plenty of encouragement. Trev and Brendan were actually helping Glenn to pull the pontoon into the shore but I’m still not sure why this required no clothes??



John’s son Brendan has also joined us for the ride through the Rockies. Great to see father and son enjoying a good time together and made me wish my own son Charlie was here with me to share the experience. Brendan is on a road bike which also introduced us to our first, second, third and fourth puncture. Tomorrow we will need to stock up on tubes and patches.






4 thoughts on “Trevor bares all

  1. Dear John Annie Alastair and Trevor
    One could make many comments but not seeing the person in question in such sheer lycra before have to take your word it is the named person Trevor. Would be a brave person to have done this in Bendigo with temperatures below zero this morning. Was going to make another comment about our adorable loveable man who is so close to nature, that there is hardly a blog posted without a photo of Trevor and food and a jolly smile of his. Love you all heaps. Many Blessings

  2. Hi Canadothis Team,
    Baring all or bearing all for cycling Canada, whichever it sure looks like a great experience in cold water! Enjoying your blogs and photos, keep ’em flowing. Looks like your plans are unfolding without too much drama so far to gain more excitment. Hey excellent job fixing Brendan’s punctures….a couple of experts practising! Stay safe. Garry L.

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