All hail the Squirrel, King of the Mountain


This place isn’t too bad at all. If you’re ever in Banff, I would highly recommend the Banff Gondola which takes you up to the summit of Sanson’s Peak. The lookout is well located to get wonderful views of valleys and mountain ranges which peak well over 2000m. The closest peaks are Sulphur Mountain (2255m), Mt Rundle (2948m) and Mt Norquay (2615m). Just to add to the experience we received a light flurry of snow which can be seen on the short movie.

The lead picture is of a golden-mantled ground squirrel. He was quite content to pose for the cameras while surveying his domain. The town you can see in the picture is Banff.

Our next stop was the Upper Hot Springs. Only a short ride from the Gondola it was good to warmup after the cold conditions of the mountain summit. The natural water temperature is 33deg C, but artificially heated to 39 degrees. Not a bad place to have a swim.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking for tonight and I need to get in a good sleep.


















8 thoughts on “All hail the Squirrel, King of the Mountain

  1. HEY JOHNNO! Jan and I did this in 1969, broke… with two little kids, beat up Ford Galaxie, which panted its way along the Glacier Hwy, we had to watch for deer flies at Peyto Lake, you look like you’ll have to watch out for frostbite. Keep up the muscle packing pasta mate! frank

  2. HI Alistair – Aren’t you glad you took some woollies along? Looks like you and your team are having a fantastic experience…we are with you in spirit! Cheers Mary and Phil xx

    • Hi Mary and Phil, great to hear from you. I know you are only too familiar with snow, but it is still a novelty to this country boy. Great experience – onwards to Calgary on Sunday where I meet up with some Farm Consultants. Hope your enjoying the blog. Alistair

    • Hi Ralph and Claire, thanks for your observation but in this instance I will have to refer you to the Gallery on the blog (Canada 2012/Alberta/May 23) where you will find an information board which identifies the difference between this squirrel and the chipmunk. I hope I got it right.

      Regards Alistair

      • Allister, I am eating humble pie today and have to apologize to you and to the mighty squirrel for my error in pointing out that he (or it is it a she ) is indeed a squirrel. Thank you for that because for many years I have been misidentifying the poor creature and today I have been freed from that shame. Claire and I are so happy to have met you and John and Annie. Your 7500 kms journey is a great inspiration to us planning our cycling trip in Germany next year but I think we may consume a little more wine. “Happy Trails”

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