On the biggest high (natural one of course)

20120522-233538.jpg I reckon I have just about exhausted the superlative in trying to communicate how wonderfully stunning Canada is, but I should have held a few in reserve for our 140km ride from Golden to Banff in the Rockies. It was a true Rocky Mountain experience that didn’t disappoint. We travelled between 3 mountain ranges and through 5 National Parks, (Yoho, Banff, Jasper, Glacier and Kootenay).

“We” being Trevor, Brendan and I, while John and Annie stayed back in Golden for a few hours as John had a meeting with the Major of Golden, Christine Benty as part of John’s research. Annie was filming the interview and documenting various parts of the community. John will update his website http://www.sustainablecanadiancommunities.com in due course.

The lowest point in the ride was around 900m at the Kicking Horse rest area then we levelled out at around 1100 to 1200m and I thought that was pretty good, but following lunch at Field it was a steady climb to well over 1,600m, then levelling out at around 1,400m before Banff. Trevor decided to have a quieter day (55km) and got a lift with John after lunch and Brendan and I pushed on.

Even though Brendan and I were hailed on, rained on, caught up in swirling wind through a narrow valley, could see snow falling on some mountains, navigated through roadworks and experienced a wide array of temperature the scenery was so breathtaking no matter what the elements through at us it wasn’t going to wipe the smile from our faces.

Having completed 80km we were treated with 60km of gradual downhill with the wind on our back and rain storms following us up the valley. It was great to cruse at around 30 – 35km/hr and take in the new vista around every bend. I have never felt so good after a reasonably big ride.

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that Rogers Pass was the highest point on the Trans Canada 1 (at 1,330m), but clearly this was incorrect given that we climbed to well over 1,600m (on the south side of Field heading towards Banff). Check out the snow we came across and ice on the lake in the photos below.

We are now comfortably settled into the Rocky Mountains Resort on the outskirts of Banff for a few days rest and sight seeing.

It wasn’t easy to pick a selection of photos for todays blog given so many brilliant scenes to chose from. I hope you can get a feel for our experience. There are a couple of short videos at the end.


















8 thoughts on “On the biggest high (natural one of course)

    • Thanks for the support Dan. Will soon put up some wonderful photos taken today from Sanson’s Peak overlooking Banff. Spectacular views, even a bit of snow while up there. Cheers Alistair

  1. Brendan and team – This is spectacular! We are watching in amazement from Whistler. A cold Miller High Life in the hot tub awaits you at Black Tusk. Stay strong and enjoy this special time. Kath, Troy & Luke

  2. Hi Alistair, canadothis just gets better and better! Don’t worry about overusing superlatives (I’m pretty sure that Writing Victoria have an award for ‘the most superlatives in a piece of writing’, so might enter your blog in that!) The photos are terrific and the videos add even more – love listening to the birds whistling. We’ve given you a run in Let’s Talk Friday this week and I’ve been encouraging all to get on board and share this amazing journey of yours! Best wishes.

    • Thanks Rob – truely amazing country and I’m loving the experience and sharing it via the blog. Taking advantage of our short stay in Banff before we are back into tents for quite a while. I’m quite looking forward to that as I have been sleeping better when outside, also looking forward to seeing some farm land and some warmer temperatures. Alistair

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