Lake Louise – Tourist mecca

We couldn’t leave Banff without heading back up the Trans Canada Highway to see what Lake Louise had to offer. Whilst I have heard there other lakes comparable in beauty, the accessibility of Lake Louise draws in huge numbers of tourists.

At 1,730m, this glacier fed lake still has quite a covering of ice so we weren’t tempted to jump in. We could see a bit of the turquoise colour created by the melting glacier silt and of course the water was very clear.

On our way back from Banff we got up close and personal to an elk. And no it wasn’t in a confined area tourist attraction, it was on the side of the Trans Canada Highway (behind the Banff National Park fence). When other motorists saw us out of the car with our cameras this prompted many other cars to do the same to see what was so interesting. Thank goodness there is a reasonable verge on the highway. This fine specimen will be pretty sleek once it has lost the rest of it’s winter coat.

Unfortunately we haven’t seen any more bears although there has been numerous sightings around Banff of a mother and two cubs.

Back to routine of cleaning and packing this evening in readiness for tomorrows ride to Calgary.











2 thoughts on “Lake Louise – Tourist mecca

  1. Great Pictures you guys. Looks quite wintery in Lake Louis still. Keep up the good work. We are following your moves. Miss you!

    • Marnie, Great to know you are keeping a check on us – on a hectic schedule again with Study towns schedule and camping. We just crossed the border into Saskatchewan to find an email from Mel and Betty and the possibility of warm beds and a good shower from Betty’s niece near our next planned stop. That would be so great. Missing all of you and looking forward to seeing you in Frederickton. Love Annie (and John and Alistair)

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