Pantyhose to the rescue

Well clearly not to much excitement happened today if I open with a title like this.

I really like riding in short sleeves but common sense dictates I should cover up my arms during the peak UV period of the day. I forgot to pack my summer weight sleeves so I thought it would be easy enough to get some from a bike shop in Regina. Not so, I could get any amount of arm warmers for winter but there is nothing here for summer. To keep it short, Janice Yule, my host while in Regina suggested I try pantyhose. I said “thanks, nice idea but I’ll wait until I find what I want”.

Undeterred and clearly a very resourceful woman, Janice went and bought some pantyhose for $3 while dropping her daughter off at waterpolo training. So who needs a $30 pair of summer weight sleeves when you can buy a pair of $3 pantyhose and just cut the “bottom” out of them. Thanks Janice…I tried them out today and they work well and nobody would know (apart from the hundreds of people reading this).

Some pretty nice country in the the SE corner of Saskatchewan, more trees than we had seen in other parts of the Prairies with mixed grain and livestock operations. Some of the crops are well advanced and there is plenty of water lying around. Photos below try to capture what the country is like. Today we say goodbye to Saskatchewan and hello to Manitoba. We had a much more pleasant day than yesterday for the 117km ride from Whitewood to Virden (oil capital of Manitoba).







3 thoughts on “Pantyhose to the rescue

  1. Hi Alistair, you’re the first man I’ve seen pose in tights for a photo since Alexander Downer – and I do like the way you’ve carefully matched colours to suit the palette of your head gear!

  2. They also work well on the legs (surprise surprise!), cut the wind on crisp mornings, all around good kit despite the smirks from the uninitiated.

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