Ducking and Weaving

The “weaving” bit first: This is a bit off the beaten track but we have just returned from “supper” with Professor Bill Ashton and his very industrious wife Jan.

Bill entertained us with many stories he has collected from his varied career and Jan did a very good job of trying to explain how her loom worked. She specialises in scarves, blankets and table runners using merino wool, alpaca, mohair, silk, bamboo and cotton. Every creation is unique, using a wonderful array of colours and patterns. Her business trades under the name of “Weavables“, so we know it is pretty cold in Victoria at the moment and if your after something beautifully hand crafted to keep you warm then check out her website.

Some lucky person who is special in my life will soon find out first hand how nice these articles are. I wonder if you can pick which one I have chosen for you?




And now for the “ducking” bit (politically speaking): Last night Bill took us out out for drink at Clancy’s Irish Pub where were entertained by some new and pretty raw talent. We also got have a beer with the local member of the Provincial Government, Drew Caldwell MLA Brandon East, which was good to help us get a feel for the lay of the land politically in Manitoba, but also some commentary on other issues like how the situation in Quebec is likely to unfold re the student demonstrations.


2 thoughts on “Ducking and Weaving

  1. Thanks for the great evening and all of your wonderful stories. It was very entertaining to hear the travel highlights and I am sure you have many more. Enjoy your handwoven treasures! Cheers Jan and Bil

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