She liked my seat (by Trevor Miles)

Murray is a good friend of mine – lets call him Muzza. He is very good cyclist, very generous with his strength, which is great for an average rider like me. When I ride with Muzza he inevitably sits out the front of the bunch for most of the time and gets the weaker riders, like me home.

However, he is not the best at maintaining and fixing his bike and he is very suspicious of my efforts to fix and use second hand parts. I think fixing and repairing ones bike is a core part of the self sufficiency manly thing about cycling. Muzza, however takes his bike to the bike shop for all repairs.

Recently my bike broke and Muzza was sceptical of the high tech glue that I used to fix the bottom bracket (a very important part of any bicycle). I should add that Muzza’s scepticism was perhaps well founded. After fixing my bike, Muzza and I were out riding and he asked me how the repair job was going – and the fix job promptly broke again!!

The bike I am using to ride in Canada is a hybrid, which of course, I bought second-hand. The seat is very uncomfortable and I mentioned this to Muzza. And Muzza promptly gave me an old seat he was going to chuck out.

On my second day in Vancouver I was on East Hastings, fully loaded up, and this tall, athletic, young woman (in shorts – as it was all of 11 degrees on a fine spring day in Canada) said “Gee, you have a lot of gear”. I responded by saying, “Well I am going to ride and camp for three weeks”

Then she said, “I like your seat – it is very good quality”!! Muzza had given me a very worn Selle Italia Gel seat (the Prince of Seats). This girl knew her bike seats.

She then said, “I own the bike shop across the road”!!

Now I think it is a myth that the ideal partner of a hard drinking Ozzie male is a woman whose father owns a pub. Because I was instantly converted to the idea that perhaps an ideal partner for an Ozzie bike rider is a lovely woman who owns a bike shop!

My mind started to wander. John a fellow traveller had been saying I was looking much younger than my fast approaching 60th Birthday and perhaps this bike shop owner was in my range!!

Fortunately, she then wished me well and I wondered what could have been. So Muzza, thanks for giving me a wonderful experience with your old seat.



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