Southern Manitoba – beautiful farmland

We are now in Southern Manitoba having ridden from Brandon to Treherne. The is strong country with predominantly black soils. The gently undulating topography, variety of trees, crops and pasture made for a very pleasant ride. As mentioned in previous blogs, it appears they are having a wonderful spring although too much rain delayed sowing of some crops.

We were amazed to see a cereal crop actually flowering, well advanced of any other crops we had seen to date. In fact in the same area other cereal crops were only 10 to 15cm high.




We ventured off the main road for an early lunch to the very neat and tidy village of Wawanesa which is nestled near the banks of the Souris River. Flooding a couple of years ago has damaged bridges on one of the main roads leading into town and there is still a lot of debris lying around the riverbed floor. I have added a photo of the cliff face leading up from the river which is quite close to the town. Clearly the edge is still very fragile and continuing to claim good farming land.


As we headed East, the sky was looking very ominous and I thought we were going to get soaked for sure. Fortunately the storm stayed just a bit ahead of us.



We had originally planned to stop at Holland, but the locals there suggested it would be better to travel an extra 13km to Treherne because the facilities were much better. I would have to agree (see photos of tent amongst the tall timber). The other thing we found interesting was 10km of grain lorries sitting idle on the track between Holland and Treherne. We weren’t complaining as they provided protection from the wind as we completed the last section of todays 125km ride.




Tomorrow we are off to Winkler, one of the study owns we are visiting.

A couple of other photos taken along the way. A bit of beaver activity and canola crops after a rain shower (right behind our camp ground)




2 thoughts on “Southern Manitoba – beautiful farmland

  1. Hi Alistair, we are certainly enjoying all your stories and accompaning photos, very interesting now that you are in farming land. We all wish you well and look forward to more.
    Winter has really set in now with some very strong winds in past two days, equivalent to cyclone 2 category, hundreds of homes deroofed in Perth and thousands without power. All OK here except for the false start to the season and now rain but cold and cloudy, so feed not growing and still feeding our sheep.
    Love Dad

    • Hi Dad, thanks for the update re Perth and winds etc. Seems like there is strong winds everywhere. Meg was saying the east coast of Australia has also copped a battering. It is also blowing very strongly here in Southern Manitoba. We had a 40km/hr cross wind, plus rain and low temperature. I was in all my wet weather gear today as the temperature must have been around 3-4 degrees with wind chill factor.

      We are in a motel tonight as all of tents needed drying out from last nights rain. We don’t see much sense in getting into wet tents so the occasional hotel stay is affordable.


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