Some quick stats

We have had a couple of requests from people wanting to know a few cycling stats. This will be a good exercise for us as well, particularly how far we have come.

It may seem a little odd but we haven’t actually been keeping close tabs on this day to day, I think mainly because our focus has on the journey and not the destination, therefore to us it doesn’t really matter. We will have a bit of chat after the days ride to talk about how far and fast (if the wind is with us and GPS on) etc but more than half the time we turn the GPS off to conserve battery power just so we know we will have it when it is really required. I would be interested to hear from other touring cyclists whether they have the same attitude.

I have gone back over our route and as of 11th June, since the 3rd May we have:
– travelled 3,680km (from West Coast of British Columbia to Winker, South West of Winnipeg, Manitoba)
– a typical day would be anywhere from 80 to 135km
– Average varies dramatically: Overall I guess somewhere around 17-20km/hr in British Columbia due to the hilly terrain and 20 to 25km/hr through the Prairies however this is where the average varies so much. Into the wind 8 to 15km/hr, but with a reasonably strong westerly we can average 25 to 31km/hr.

And if your being chased by a coyote it is amazing how this will increase your average on that day. John’s GPS was on during the chase and he clocked 48km/hr while trying to outrun the coyote. (The tail wind also helped, it wasn’t sheer adrenaline).


4 thoughts on “Some quick stats

  1. Gee 3000km+. Great work. I noticed that Kate of katebikes is struggling a bit with the loneliness/boredom. You guys seem to be chewing up the K’s.
    Great work and I continue to follow closely.

  2. Goo’Day you hearty beings. Winkler is the home of Triple E RV’s and where our Motor Home was built. Take a quick tour if you have time. It’s very interesting! Glad to hear you’re past the coyote…can’t imagine being chased by one of those critters, especially at 43KM’s. I guess, in the absence of a gun, the trucker was the next best thing! You’re getting close to some very, pretty country as you approach Ontario. Good luck and let’s hope the wind is at your back sooner than later. We’re toasting you as we right with some delicious Tununda Shiraz…CHEERS to you all.
    Best wishes, John and Val Allan.

    • Hi John and Val, thanks for the tip re Triple E RV’s. We actually went there this morning before we left for Morris (just 50km South of Winnipeg). Annie was fortunate enough to have a look around inside, but we all managed to talk to a salesman about the history of the company etc. John was getting pretty excited about all this as he would love one but is having a very hard time of to convince Annie. Thanks for posting a comment, we often talk about our time in Hussar and the wonderful people we have met. Do hope you can make it to Australia some time. Warm regards, Alistair, John and Annie. PS Sounds like you are onto some good stuff re Tununda Shiraz.

  3. Hi guys,
    Better hurry up, I’m only 5 days behind you! (But I am due for a day off soon). Regarding the stats from day to day: I am reasonably obsessed with them. I look at each day’s distance, average speed, and elevation changes with great interest. I find it interesting, and of course the wind is the invisible factor on all that, so I try to write down the wind direction if I remember to. During the day if the going is rough, I count on the passing kms to get me to my destination.
    Cheers! Kate

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