Great camping spots

Over the last 5 days since leaving Winnipeg we have covered 722km and are hanging out for a rest day. We are now in Thunder Bay (Ontario), on the north western shore of Lake Superior (Total distance now approx. 4,480km). We have been on the go for the last 9 days without a rest in an effort to reach Fredericton by the 19th July.

Our bodies are holding up quite well but our legs start to feel heavy earlier in the day, and we are spending more time standing to try and get some relieve from sitting in the saddle for so long, so a break tomorrow will be much appreciated.

We have developed a good routine now. Typically we get up around 5.30am and are packed up and gone by 7.30 or soon after depending on how wet the tent is from either rain or condensation. We try to arrive at our destination around 4pm in time to set up camp, shower, wash clothes, cook dinner, download photos and catch up on emails (if wifi) etc and check bikes out in readiness for the next day.

The wilderness we have spent the last few days travelling through is fantastic. Mile after mile of forest, hundreds of freshwater lakes, ancient rocks and occasionally the odd animal (separate blog to come with wildlife photos). We are on what is known as the Canadian Shield, which covers almost half of Canada’s surface extending for 8 million square km over eastern, central, and northwestern Canada from the Great Lakes to the Canadian Arctic and into Greenland, with small extensions into northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York, U.S.


Photos typical of the country we have been riding through.





Over the last few nights we have camped at some wonderful lakeside campgrounds. There will be more photos posted to the gallery in due course.




Caliper Lake Provincial Park







Taylor’s Cove




Dawson’s Trail Provincial Park. (What you can’t see is the place teeming with mosquitoes – Annie can attest to that as she is covered in bites)




4 thoughts on “Great camping spots

  1. Al
    Lovely photos. It truly is a beautiful country.
    Tell Annie that Robyn does not envy her experience with the Mozzies – she is allergic to them!!!!
    And 4000k+ – you guys are really on the go and I am so impressed – although I am glad it is you and not me.

  2. hey you three. You are in my home landscape. It’s in my blood! Perhaps you have left Sleeping Giant country now. Hope you remembered me when gazing at the Giant. It is what I grew up looking at daily. Great hiking out on him too! Miss you and send hugs, Marilyn

    • Hi Marilyn, we are just about to head off from Thunder Bay. I was looking at the Giant yesterday while exploring town. Looking forward to riding around Lake Superior over the next few days. Pretty wet here at the moment. Alistair

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