What an inspiration!

On Wednesday we headed north from Thunder Bay on our way around the northern side of Lake Superior. However prior to getting on our bikes on another wet day we visited the Terry Fox Memorial. I am sure many of you will remember Terry’s story but if not the link will provide a good summary. The memorial is built close to where Terry Fox was forced to end his “Marathon of Hope” in September of 1980, as the cancer which had claimed his right leg had spread to his lungs. Incredibly, Terry had run almost half way across Canada (starting at St. John’s, Newfoundland). It was amazing in that with one leg amputated, he had run 42km each day since he started his run on the 12th of April, 1980. The site serves as a spectacular memorial to the courage of this amazing Canadian and as we set off for the day our thoughts were with friends whom we know are courageously fighting their own battle with cancer.



Overnight we stayed at the Nipigon Marina campground. Well, not your usual campground, we actually camped under the Pavillion. Once again it was wet and we were grateful for the shelter and the view was pretty good as well, overlooking the mouth of the Nipigon River as it makes its way into Lake Superior. The photos are from in and around our camp. The fog was amazing as to how quickly it rolled in and also created a nice atmosphere for photos. John and Annie also got in a bit of practice setting up the new mozzie tent, to try and prevent a repeat of the swarming and biting attack from a few nights ago.
Nipigon has a number of attractions and interesting history. One of the things it is famous for is the world’s largest brook trout was caught in the Nipigon River in July of 1915. The trout weighed in at 6.58 kg.







Today we were back into some pretty good hills as we headed from Nipigon to Terrace Bay. The 104km trip was exceptional in terms of natural features like the exposed red rock formations (see below), views of Lake Superior and just on the outskirts of Terrace Bay is the Aguasabon Falls (6 second video at the bottom).









Unfortunately the Campground we had intended to stay at has closed, so tonight we are in luxury at the Imperial Motel. We were politely encouraged to take the newly renovated rooms because they were a little bit further away from bar which apparently can get a tad rowdy.


We have views of Lake Superior and if you didn’t know any better you would think they were ocean views. Looking south, there is no land in sight which I guess shouldn’t really be a surprise given the length is 563km and width is 257km and has a circumference of 2,938km.


4 thoughts on “What an inspiration!

  1. My Heart Soars – tis the name of a book and it describes mine when I see the pics. of the landscape where I grew up. Thank-you Allistair! Hugs, M.

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