East side of Lake Superior – one of the highlights

Today (Sunday 24 June) always promised a lot given what others had told us about the east side of Lake Superior, in particular the ride through the Lake Superior Provincial Park and the big downhill near Montreal River.

We started out from Rabbit Blanket Provincial Campground after packing up our wet tents (again) in very foggy and drizzly conditions which limited our visibility. In the early part of the day no sooner we would get to a lookout and the fog would roll in off the lake which cut off our views of the lake and also dropped the temperature quite dramatically. As the day progressed the waves of fog lessened and the lake opened up to us and we could also get better views of the trees and more dramatic rock faces. (Note: In the 1st photo you can see another fog cloud in the distance. In 5 minutes after this photo was taken all of what you can see was in fog again).

I hope the photos below give you an idea of the variation in the coastline, the size of some of the countless rivers and creeks that flow into the Lake. It really is hard to imagine you are looking at an inland lake, rather than a sea side coastline. This was a special Sunday ride that we will remember for a long time. Travelling by bike in areas like this is a great experience.













4 thoughts on “East side of Lake Superior – one of the highlights

  1. Team Aussie Canadothis Riders, just wonder how you are holding up physically to both the daily exercise as well as the effects of the weather? What are the weight scales telling you now, since the very beginning on day #1? Noting your brilliant experiences, those highs and some lows as well as the rain, and wet tents getting a mention or two! What are your forecasts, as you go further east & north east? Cheers Garry L

    • Hi Garry, we are certainly getting fitter as the ride goes on. For me I can definitely notice a difference in strength and endurance but it has taken about 7 weeks and and well over 4000km to get to that point. The daily routine is quite established now which makes planning easier. Cycling in Canada means we are going to cycle in the rain at some point, fortunately at this time of the year it is warm enough so it is pleasant enough provided there isn’t too much wind. Fortunately we have missed a lot of flooding rain experienced in the Western Provinces, including western Ontario.

      We will continue to ride through summer and as we head up to the maritime provinces we expect that we will get all season possibly in one day. The big unknown is the wind. At times it has been strong enough to put us off the road, particularly if it is raining as well, and at times we get a tailwind that will increase our average speed by approx. 10km/hr.

      We have both lost weight but no idea how much. It is not easy to find scales when your camping most of the time. John says he doesn’t want to know but he has gone down 3 belt notches (and Annie is ecstatic).

      Thanks for your continuing interest Garry, regards Alistair

  2. Alistair and John, your comments and photos continue to inspire me and captivate my interest in your quest across Canada. The beauty of what I am reading in every posting is observing how much enjoyment you are getting from the journey each and every day.

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