Velorution – touring cyclist friend

Time to get the bike serviced. Thanks to Paul from Winnipeg who put us onto “Velorution” conveniently located in Sault Ste. Marie on the South East corner of Lake Superior. Not only will they service our bikes but they also offer free camping in a shady spot at the back of the shop, access to their bathroom and free wifi. When I say free, the guys won’t say no to a few fermented barley beverages. Great concept and service.

Both John and I have had a really good run in terms of how our bikes are travelling. We haven’t had any major problems and dare I say it, no flat tyres, but as cables stretch and chain wears etc some fine tuning is required.



With our day off we went to the waterfront area and check out Parks Canada Locks. Completed in 1895, this canal formed the last link in an all-Canadian navigation system stretching from the St. Lawrence River to Lake Superior. Designed and built by Canadians, the canal incorporated several engineering innovations. It was the world’s longest lock and the first to operate with electrical power. It was also novel in using an emergency swing dam to protect the lock in case of accident. Electricity was generated on site in the powerhouse. Closed in 1987 owing to a lock wall failure, the canal was equipped with a modern lock and opened for recreational use in 1998.














2 thoughts on “Velorution – touring cyclist friend

  1. It’s wonderful that you’re making such good time, and great to hear you stayed at Velorution. Hopefully you’ll have some (good) stories to tell of going around the east of Superior – was the weather decent?
    Now, as you head east, consider stopping for dinner at the Dragonfly restaurant in Massey (also home to Chutes Provincial Park). Wishing you many tailwinds, Paul, Jan & Felix.

    • Hi Paul, Jan and Felix, I got a bit behind with blogs given poor reception but I have just posted a blog on our Lake Superior experience. Will look out for the Dragonfly restaurant as we pass through Massey tomorrow. It is only 40km from where we are tonight (Serpent River Campground – east of Spragge). We had intended to stay in Blind River but there wasn’t much in the way of camping facilities so we rode another 24km (total 160km for the day). There are a couple of nice pictures in the Gallery of a hawk or eagle? and some bison from todays ride.

      Regards, Alistair

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