Nice surprise at the end of the day

On good advice from Andre at “Velorution” we stayed off the Trans Canada for the best part of 60km from Sault Ste. Marie. Our original destination of Blind River was 137km away so we had a reasonable ride ahead of us. It is so much more pleasant and less stressful to ride quieter roads than having hundreds of trucks roar past you all day. Although our alternate route included some gravel it was still quite navigable and we did see some farming, albeit on a small scale. Out of interest we hadn’t seen much in the way of commercial farming since leaving eastern Manitoba, 1,550km away.

We came across our first Bison farm which was being operated in the same area as some Amish farmers who were travelling around in their horse and carts. It was also interesting to see this old way of doing things in amongst the new technology.







We often see eagles and hawks but rarely have we seen them nesting. This Osprey was a bit annoyed at us and wanted to show it.



We had intended to stay in Blind River having been assured there was a campground, however this proved to be a bit elusive (unless we wanted to ride back the way we came from for 3km). The local tourist information people didn’t really know their own patch particularly well so we decided to push on for another 24km to Serpent River. This was a great move as it turned out because Annie had organised a surprise for John and I.

Annie had established that the “Chip Truck” vendor’s Stuart and Nook whom had set up at the campground had some special talents. Nook was amongst other things a qualified thai massage therapist. Not backward in coming forward Annie asked if Nook would like to provide her two cycling boys with a massage. Having just done 160km and after 5,000 odd km’s without anything being done to our bodies it was probably well overdue. Oh the pleasure and pain of it but we were both very grateful. John thought the chips were pretty good as well.


5 thoughts on “Nice surprise at the end of the day

  1. I’ll have to remember to stop for fries when we drive down in 2 weeks!

    Your bird is an Osprey – they’re amazing at fishing – carry their catch front-to-back, like a torpedo. We loved watching them on a kayak trip several years back. They were fairly endangered, but have come back in recent years. You may see them again and again as you cross Ontario.

    Keep the rubber side down! Best wishes.

  2. Great pictures and story line. Yes it is an Osprey, or fish eagle, a Canadian icon coast to coast. They are partial to electrical transmission towers.Keep it up guys you are better than half way there. Did you know that Thunder Bay is closer to three other provincial capitals than it is to Toronto, Ontario’s capital. You legs will know it!

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