Cottage Country

What a glorious summer day for a ride in the cottage country approx. 220km north of Toronto. It is a long weekend in Canada on account of Canada Day (1st July). We were keen to see how Canadians celebrated this day so we made sure we arrived at Huntsville in time for the weekend. Huntsville will also be included as one of John’s study towns.

This area is a real playground, particularly for people from Toronto who have a cottage on the lake front. There are a lot of boats and canoes on the water, people fishing, having barbeques etc. We are really looking forward to the next 2 days to explore the Huntsville area and join in the celebrations.






Finding accommodation this weekend was a real issue, but in true Canadian generosity we were offered a place for two nights in a wonderful cottage south of Huntsville. (thanks Nancy).


On the way from Parry Sound we couldn’t go past this very inviting and cyclist friendly coffee shop at Rosseau (pictured below). Not only was the coffee good (some of the best we had had since been in Canada) they offered it to us for free in appreciation of our effort to ride across their country. Little surprises and offers of kindness like are so reaffirming. Also to our surprise there was a bunch of Canadian cyclists all decked out in “Green Edge” gear. They say they only bought it because it was cheap but we know they are keen to support an Aussie based team in the Tour de France.


5 thoughts on “Cottage Country

    • Hi John,
      we have arrived in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia and are having a wonderful visit with my bet friends family. This one of the most gorgeous towns in the world and I was telling them of your travels and they have inormed me that Tatamagouche is one of the most sustainable places in Canada and they would be honored to have you come here and they will introduce you to the right people in the community. I spent all my summers here s it feels like home to me. June & Ivan would love to have you so please see if you can come here on your travels. They ae dying to meet you all. I will email picture to you . Lots of Love from us..xoxox

  1. Hi John looks like you guys have made good time, having been in that part of the world before that water still looks cold! SSafe travels! Regards Bill

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