Je voudrais une biere, sil vous plait

As mentioned in an earlier blog, John has lost quite a bit of weight but you would wonder how this is possible. His serving of pancakes smothered in banana, chocolate sauce, cream and maple syrup makes my 2 big slabs of french toast pale into insignificance in comparison. The Bendigo contingent travelling to France with John in September need not be too worried!


We have seen a lot more farming land in the north east of Ontario and southern Quebec, particularly maize crops. We found it interesting to see the crops growing right up to and in between houses within some of the small villages. The other thing which made the ride interesting was seeing farmland right next to huge multi million dollar houses on big blocks facing the Ottawa River. I have included a small video clip to try and show this. (Unfortunately you can’t see the big house at the end of the drive but you get the idea of the grandeur at the start of the video).



Yesterday we rode 120km from Ottawa to a campground just out of Rigaud. This campground was the busiest we had seen by far. At first sight we didn’t think there could be any room for us but we were directed to their tenting area by the banks of the Ottawa River. It was a beautiful setting, plenty of shade, tables etc….and we had the whole place to ourselves. It appears all the other hundreds of campers like their RV’s, power and other luxuries so tenting isn’t that popular anymore. The other amusing thing is these so called campers used golf buggies to get around in. So after dinner it appears the thing to do is to go for a drive in a buggy. I know they are on holidays but what happened to using your feet?

In the morning we found out we weren’t alone as first thought…this was the first night we left food out (in boxes and in a pavilion), but clearly not safe enough from some hungry racoons which pretty much ruined all of the food we had (rice, oats, energy bars, skim milk etc) so one of the jobs in Montreal will be to replenish our food stocks.

As we are now in Quebec we need to brush up on our French which is this provinces 1st language.

Today we had a really good ride in from Rigaud to Montreal using a very cycle friendly route through parkland and dedicated cycle paths, known as “La Route Verte“. This also included crossing to the north side of the Ottawa River.




3 thoughts on “Je voudrais une biere, sil vous plait

  1. What I can’t believe is that you’ve gone so far in the short time since I saw you! Every day I’m gobsmacked! Un Grand Bravo!

  2. Three things. I seem to be always demanding and don’t mean to. On the Rural Finance webpage, linked to this page, should there not be a reference to the Sustainable Communities research, the trans-Canada ride and Alistair Walker’s interest and connection with John’s focus? Second, amid wonderful scenic images and occasional shots of a bicycle here and there I struggle to find any still or movies, that tell of two men on bicycles cycling long distance across a continent or indeed a three people shot that shows ‘the team – Annie (with camera), Alistair and John – and third (perhaps I missed it) for the cycling techies something on the cycling technology (type of cycles, gears, carriers, clothing etc). So please – a really steady video of two cyclists pedalling across Canada against a magnificent backdrop plus a still of the same, and a run down (perhaps you’ve done it already and I’ve missed it, so give a link) of the bicycles and their accessories. Is there anyone you know who can do a painting, or a sketch that captures the dream and the drama (you may wish to be modest about your feat but I and others don’t have to be!). When I and a friend – sailed the Atlantic long ago – I had a small oil painting as a keepsake You don’t have to do this now. But keep it in mind. Paintings end up lasting far longer than photos, and a good photos can be very helpful to an artist making the painting – or indeed in your book of the odyssey a series of vignette sketches. There must be someone talented in Bendigo who’ll step up to the challenge of illustrating your project, and a set of portrait type pics (not scenic pics in which you don’t appear) would really help. The iPad allows for great sketches – see our friend Jan Bowman here There’s an idea of what could be done to add lustre to your adventure and ensure that it is known about and remembered.

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