Montreal has a lot to offer

We had a day of sightseeing in Montreal but could easily have done with a few more. I really only skirted around to get a feel for this beautiful city and mark out where I would like to return to when we come back from St Johns at the end of the cycling tour. My partner, Meg will also be with me so it will be great to be able the experience with her.

Mont Royal is a great place to start as it provides a great view of the city and lay of the land but I spent most of my time in the Old Montreal and Old Port area. Lots of historical buildings, restaurants, galleries, exhibitions, guided tours etc., and plenty of souvenir shops. (How do they all survive?)

The view from Mont Royal.








Old Montreal









Old Port area





Other city views







4 thoughts on “Montreal has a lot to offer

  1. Without you and,or the bicycles or a more direct image of what you are selecting to look at – like shared space – these become postcards from anyone at almost any time. Let’s have illustrations not just tourist snaps. Good travelling, good thinking, stay safe. X

    • Thanks for the feedback Simon. I probably didn’t make it clear that I was doing this wizz around the city on my own and by foot. Wanting to see as much as possible in a short space of time meant I didn’t stop for too much detail but I will be returning to Montreal and will have time to look around at a more leisurely pace. I am conscious some of the blogs are on little on the short side or without too much detail. One of the things we are mindful of is the “Social Contract” when staying with people who have very kindly hosted us to make sure I don’t spend too much time infront of the iPad screen, so we have more time with them. Annie is catching a few of the stories on film which will be useful for when she puts the doco together. We have just spent some time with Bill Reimer and his wife Fran who have fantastic knowledge and history of Canada which has been very helpful in terms of where we go and why things are the way they are. Regards Alistair

      • Understood absolutely and how graceless of me not to pick up on the greater importance of taking in what you’re learning rather than immediately blogging it. I’d still like more pix of the bicycles at work! S

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