The Green Routes of Quebec (La Route Verte)

I had a leisurely 95km ride from Victoriaville to Quebec today made all the more pleasurable due to being able to ride almost the whole way on a path dedicated to cycling known la Route Verte. Even though most of the route was unpaved and my bike is covered in fine dust it so much better than sharing the road with the trucks and cars. Quebec has invested heavily in it’s cycle routes and they are well patronised.


This section of the cycle path has shady rest areas every 7 to 10km with little snippets of history documented at some of them.





The cycle path took me through some very productive and attractive farming land and forests. It still seemed odd that they house their cattle even during this beautiful summer weather. Every scrap of land appears devoted to fodder production to cut and carry to the cattle, or for cereal crops. The area south west of Quebec City appears to be having a good season compared to their neighbours closer to Montreal. While I was taking a photo of some wheat I must have disturbed a deer. It was fun to watch it spring over the wheat with little effort. (Can add this one to the “Animal Gallery”).








I am having a bit of fun trying out my French on some unlucky sales people where I can. Whilst their English might not be that good, they seem to prefer going to English, probably to stop the line behind me getting too long.

John and Annie spent most of the day in Victoriaville conducting interviews with community leaders as part of John’s Sustainable Canadian Communities study.

Tomorrow I am really looking forward to venturing into the old Quebec City, in particular the area where The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was fought in 1759. This battle was a pivotal battle in the Seven Years’ War was fought between the British Army and Navy, and the French Army, on a plateau just outside the walls of Quebec City, on land that was originally owned by a farmer named Abraham Martin, hence the name of the battle.

4 thoughts on “The Green Routes of Quebec (La Route Verte)

  1. Hi Alistair,

    Looks like your trip is going very well – I am in love with the Canadian landscape – so varied! It is great news that Meg is going to meet up with you too!

    Love from the Rum Wads from Tassie xxx

    • Hi Rum Wads, yes all is going well. Had a good day in the Old Quebec city today, so rich in history. Will post some photos soon. Tomorrow we follow the St. Lawrence down river for approx. 120km. It is wonderful Meg will be coming.

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