Pioneers work on old railway not lost

Today we turned inland from the St Lawrence River to the hinterland of New Brunswick, using the old railway line. This section from Riviere du Loup QC to Edmunston NB is 130km long and is the only interprovincial bike trail in Canada. This section forms part of the Trans-Canada Trail (Route Verte No.8).

There is a steady climb for the first 50km with a gradient of around 1-2% and no more than 4% which makes the trail accessible for everyone. Even though we climbed about 375m, we couldn’t see a great deal of the surrounding country as we were channeled by boreal forest for much of the way, interspersed with lakes which offered some cool relief from what was otherwise a very hot and humid day.

The rail trail is a wonderful asset and it is so good to see the hard work of the pioneers not lost, particularly the effort to cut through the rocks.









At one point along Lake Temiscouta (49km long), John and I threw our shirts into the water to try and cool off. This lake is a very popular summer holiday destination with boats going everywhere.


We were very impressed with the work of this beaver which constructed one the larger dams we have seen, and there was clear evidence of his handy work on this large birch tree.



Having got to the campground it was all hands to get our tents up quickly as a thunderstorm loomed. We weren’t disappointed as it promptly bucketed down for about 20 minutes. We will have a rest day tomorrow and even though more rain is forecast we will be hoping our tents dry out before we set off to Perth-Andover on Tuesday.

One thought on “Pioneers work on old railway not lost

  1. Hi John!
    looks like you guys are doing a super job! Congrats.
    Kid and I are headig to Fredericton tommorow morning for a few days of fun in my old stomping grounds.
    Are you still on track to meet us on the 19th in Fredericton?
    Bren flies in at 10:00am.
    We will be staying (you guys included as you know) at 146 Waterloo Road so if you want to meet us there that would be good. Othewise give my cell or Brendan’s a call.
    Mine 1-604-966-8058
    See you all soon!


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