Rolling hills of western New Brunswick

A relatively shorter ride today of 114km from Edmunston to a soggy campground just south of Perth-Andover. Our route for much of the day followed the St John River southward, at times very close to the US border.

It rained for the last half of the ride and it is still raining. We have been very lucky to date as this is the first time we have had to put our tents up in wet conditions.

The campground owners are still recovering from floods in March which destroyed many of their facilities. They are not ready to have people stay but let us in anyway. What harm could three Aussies cause? They have their priorities right as we noted they had a new bar fridge installed…. so we thought a donation was in order.



Two things about todays ride were memorable, the first being the “Grand Falls” at Grand Falls. The town is 55km south of Edmunston and is situated on the Saint John River. The town derives its name from a waterfall created by a series of rock ledges over which the river drops 23 metres. While we were there the water coming down was just a trickle as the water at this time of the year is diverted through a tunnel to drive the power station. The information board noted the amount of water coming through at its peak is 9/10th that of Niagara Falls per minute. It is worth having a look at the link to this photo I found to get an idea of what it is like at peak time.




The other thing I really enjoyed was riding through the rolling hills planted to potatoes and cereal crops, in amongst heavily timbered areas. This appears to be a very reliable and prosperous area. All of the houses and surrounds were immaculate, which is a theme I am noticing about many rural areas and commented on previously. It was too wet to get my camera out as much as I would like but you can get an from the photos.




As we moved south from Grand Falls we visibly noticed the change from French to English heritage. The names on the headstones in the various graveyards changed from all French Canadian to English, Scottish and Irish surnames. It also appears we have come to the extent of the grand French catholic churches which dominated the small towns of Quebec and north western New Brunswick. Churches from other denominations are starting to appear.

One thought on “Rolling hills of western New Brunswick

  1. Great job you guys. We are here in Fredericton and the B& B we are staying in is beyond gorgeous. You are going to be blown away. The hosts John & Noreen are planning a big bar b que and get together and it is going to be so much fun.
    If you email me you must use marniemartin76@
    Looking forward to seeing you!!!

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