These tides are amazing

Fundy Bay (between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) is renowned for its tidal movement and I saw an example of this tonight. Not long after high tide I put a rock at the point the water was lapping the shore then went to get my camera. Even in the short space of time to get my camera I was staggered how much the water level had changed. After taking the first photo I took another exactly 1 hour later and you can see how things had changed. The tide was still going out when the light faded.



A few other shots of the Fundy Bay shoreline at Kempt Shore.






Other places along the way today which demonstrated the tidal movement and showed up the beautiful red soil.



I also visited Grand Pré, a National Historical Site which has recently received UNESCO World Heritage designation. The terrific displays and movies tell the plight of the Arcadians, whom despite wanting to remain neutral in the conflicts between the French and British in the 1700’s were eventually deported by the British. The Arcadians used European techniques to reclaim land from the sea using dykes etc. The area at Grand-Pre is some of the most fertile country in Canada. There are more photos in the gallery which provide shots of the displays for more detail.







Dinner tonight…mmm. I left my cooking gear with John and Annie so as to travel a bit lighter. There aren’t any places around the Kempt Shore Campground to get a feed so at least I had brought something earlier just in case. Quite liked the cold spaghetti.


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