Lunenberg and “Bluenose”

We have just spent the day wandering around Lunenberg, approximately 90km south of Halifax. This town was established in 1753 and has with a wonderful heritage that has in the most part been well maintained. The town was one of the first British attempts to settle Protestants in Nova Scotia and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 which ensures protection for much of Lunenburg’s unique architecture and civic design, being the best example of planned British colonial settlement in North America.

It was a pretty wet and rough day so were glad to be off the road. The wind and rain just added to the atmosphere of this colourful port town.



Fishing and ship building has played a major part in generating much of the towns wealth, and still is an active fishing port. The role the fishing industry has played in not only Lunenberg but in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland is well recorded and displayed in the Fishing Museum. It is here that we also learnt about “Bluenose“, a schooner built in Lunenberg in 1921 as a working fishing vessel, but speed was her greatest asset. The International Fisherman’s Races between Bluenose (with skipper, Angus Walters) and her American challengers are legendary and at the time captivated the whole nation, with much pride at stake. For the next 17 years after her launch no challengers could wrest the trophy from “Bluenose”. She earned the title “Queen of the North Atlantic” and has become a Canadian icon. The original “Bluenose” met with a sad ending but there is currently a major restoration project being undertaken on an exact replica “Bluenose II” (pictured).





Lunenberg is a popular destination for tall ships and while we were in town the Bounty came into the port.



We really enjoyed wandering around this town with its good eateries, galleries, museum and architecture. From all of the places we have visited so far, Lunenberg has much to offer and is worth spending a day or two in. If you are keen on the architecture there are more and larger photos in the gallery.










This is the view from our campground (after the rain had moved on for the evening).



3 thoughts on “Lunenberg and “Bluenose”

  1. Alistair I talked to you in Mahone Bay and guided you to a coffee shop. Hope you didn’t get soaked today. I wish I could have spent more time with you because your journey across the country is a great feat. I will be following your journey the rest of the way. If you are in Halifax this weekend contact me and we will try to connect. Alec McCleave

    • Hi Alec, thanks for your interest in our journey and also for showing me to Jo-Annes Market and coffee shop. We ended up spending a couple of hours there due to the rain. Long enough to have morning tea, followed by lunch in the hope the rain would clear which as you know didn’t eventuate. I ended up going in the car, but we also went down the Oak Rd you mentioned which was a good option. Tonight we are in cheap motel in Chester as the camping option got “washed out”, given that we already had wet kit. I posted some photos in the “Gallery” of todays ride. We will be in Halifax tomorrow, picking my partner up from the plane on Saturday night. It is such a long flight from Australia so probably keep things pretty quiet on Sunday. We head back to Tatamagouche on Monday before heading to PEI.

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