We loved Tatamagouche

I have had a few days off from the blog while we explore the area around Tatamagouche, Northern Nova Scotia, and then making our way down to Lunenberg on the South Shore (south of Halifax).

In Tatamagouche we were very well looked after by June and Ivan Sutherland.

Apart from feeding us up with wonderfully restoring and healthy meals (which was very much appreciated after my previous few days on my own) they have told us much about the areas history, their community and introduced us to other locals who have been influential, particularly around sustainability. John is in the process of writing up these aspects and will have them up on his blog very soon. (www.sustainablecanadiancommunities.com/towns)


One of the local business men, local identity and local councillor John interviewed was James Le Fresne. At the age of 18, Jimmy as he is affectionately known purchased the Tatamagouche train station in 1974 to prevent its planned demolition despite not being able to do anything to the station until the last train stopped running in 1986. After 3 years of restoration he opened the station in 1989, including accommodation in private carriages. A number of passenger cars have been added to the collection over the years, all of which have been restored and offer unique and high quality accommodation.




We visited the local market where we met many other locals and traders. The market is a focal point every Saturday and is very well supported by the community and it is clear the citizens love living here and are talking it up all the time.



June and Ivan’s house is right on the water so Annie and I had time to take the canoe for a paddle. They also attract hummingbirds to their house using feeders. These tiny birds amazingly migrate from Mexico every year.




Ivan and June’s good friend Ralph organised a drive around Fox Harbour (near Tatamagouche), a high security private estate owned by Ron Joyce, owner of “Tim Hortons” (in Canada it is more popular than “McDonalds”). Others can purchase lots on the property, and no doubt rent as well but you need to be seriously wealthy to live here. We understand it costs around $800 just for a round of golf! The homes are luxurious, the golf course is first class and there is also a commercial runway and private mariner. (But would you really want to live here? The word “reclusive” came to mind before “exclusive”). Still, I wouldn’t mind a spin in Ron’s launch pictured below.





We are currently in Lunenberg, but I will save this for another blog as I think it warrants its own page.

One thought on “We loved Tatamagouche

  1. Super blog on Tatamagouche. June and Ivan are second parents to me. So glad you got to meet them and see where I spent my summers.

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