Wet tents

Only a short ride of 45km from Lunenberg to a campground north of Chesterfield planned for today however I only got as far as Mahone Bay. Having been directed to the best coffee shop in town by a friendly local (thanks Alex) it proceeded to rain, so morning tea extended into lunch in the hope the rain would clear. Unfortunately the rain only got heavier and the prospect of putting up already wet tents in the rain wasn’t that appealing so it was time to join Annie (Spielberg) in the car, find a motel and dry out. (Yes, I know we are a bit soft). We had already ridden this part of the coast and are making our way back up to Halifax to meet my partner Meg off the plane on Saturday night so it didn’t really matter to us that we didn’t ride this stretch again.

So sorry I don’t have much by way of a story but we took a few reasonable pictures which give you an idea of the landscape etc. I particularly like the one that shows the different shades of seaweed with green grass in the foreground. We make our way to Nova Scotia’s capital, Halifax tomorrow.











4 thoughts on “Wet tents

  1. Alister. You have ‘painted’ such a great picture ever since day ‘#1’ in your blog. Now in NS, heading for Halifax, for what now must be the closing section of this grand adventure. Well done, it has given many back here in Bendigo such an insight into John, Annie and your experiences, from the outside of course!
    Safe travel.

    • Thanks Garry, it was good to have a few other people along for the ride. The blog in itself has been quite a challenge at times given the time commitment but none the less I have found it a rewarding experience and will have a good record of the journey which I can reflect on in years to come.


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