Peggys Cove

Another day of slowing the pace down, going off the main track to see more of the sights along the Atlantic coastline. That said we still did a very enjoyable 112km from Chester to Halifax, via Peggys Cove.

If you look carefully at the photos below you will see large boulders scattered throughout this coastal landscape serving as another reminder of how glacial activity shaped the environment, which has been a big feature of our tour across Canada.




I have always secretly wanted an Irish linen hat. I don’t know why I waited until I was on the other side of the world to get one but I’m sure the charm of Peggys Cove had something to do with it.


While we were at Peggys Cove, at my request the local bagpipe busker played one of my favourite bag pipe tunes “Highland Cathedral”. It obviously struck a chord with many other people who had come to look at the lighthouse judging by the rousing applause when he finished.

We have really enjoyed the last few days south of Halifax, the scenery is wonderful with it’s numerous peninsulas and harbours, fogs and colourful yachts, the architecture reflecting the wealth of previous times and the interesting history. A few other photos taken on the way to Peggys Cove.






In Halifax we were welcomed by Mike and Karen, whom we met in Tatamagouche a week ago. Being fellow cyclists they had given us a few ideas about how we could spend the last few days before Meg arrives on Saturday. We had a wonderful evening sitting and chatting outside, eating great food and drinking some good Australian wine. We hope they make it to Australia so we can return the favour.


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