Drum roll stops……..The answer is “YES”

Yes yes it has been a few days since my last blog, but you haven’t missed a great deal until yesterday.

I think now is a good time to introduce Meg into this story. She arrived in Halifax on Saturday night after 24 hours of travel. We gave her 2 nights in a motel and a whole day to recover in Halifax. Clearly this wasn’t enough but she started to come good after a welcoming and restful evening with Ivan and June Sutherland at Tatamagouche. We departed for Prince Edward Island (PEI) on Tuesday. Ok, time to get to the point of this blog if it isn’t evident to you by now.


Having thought Meg was sufficiently over her jet lag and able to make a conscious decision, I finally got around to proposing to Meg while we were having lunch in the beautiful rural village of Hunter River, PEI. We had a perfect day of cycling, scenery, weather and a great lead in to the moment. I would even go so far as to say it was very romantic. I will do another blog with a few photos elaborate on our day but just wanted to get this wonderful news out there. (Photos are already in the Gallery). I even remembered to take the ring with me (which I had been carrying since I bought it in Wolfville (North Shore, Nova Scotia), just in case the day turned out like it did. Whats more the ring fits; but I did secretly get the ring size before I left Australia.

I was planning to ask her while riding the Cabot Trail at Cape Breton next week, but it seemed pointless to wait when such a wonderful opportunity presented.

To top the day off John and Annie very generously took us out for dinner in Charlottetown to celebrate, so a big thank you to them.

Stay tuned for my next blog as the scenery is absolutely stunning. We did the opposite to what many tourists do and went inland and took some roads that are little known to most visitors.






31 thoughts on “Drum roll stops……..The answer is “YES”

    • Hi Bill, thank you. I thought I had covered this of in the title but let us say she wasn’t expecting it at all and she didn’t string her answer out. It was quite an emotional moment for both of us.

      Hope you got your engine fixed ok.

      See you soon. Alistair

  1. Way to go, Alistair!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to you and Meg…
    Great place to propose!!!!
    Marg and Jack Jones

  2. Congratulations! This is such great news and what a beautiful spot for this joyous event.
    I suppose we will have less blogging now as clearly you will be focusing on Meg..and rightly so.
    Enjoy your Maritime tour, it is so picturesque and the people are wonderful.

    Janice and Scott Yule

    • Hi Janice and Scott, thank you. Blogging time was hard enough to come by so I guess it will be even harder now. Will see what we can do. So nice to share this adventure with Meg. Alistair

  3. Congratulations Meg & Alistair… Extra reason for celebration!
    I am so pleased and proud of you both, may the forthcoming weeks guide you into the wondrous world of togetherness that true love has in store!
    Much love: Meg, Annie, Missy, Chris & John XxxOoo

    P.S. keeping the home-fires burning, back home in the Quarry-Hood!

  4. Congratulations Meg & Alistair —-what a way to finish a ride across Canada –may all your dreams come true

    Best Wishes

    Kevin & Lyn

  5. Well Done Al – It must be a case of absence making the heart go fonder!
    Well done and congratulations to you both.
    What a wonderful gift for you both – Much happiness.
    Trev and Rob

  6. I am unbelievably excited and over the moon, many exclamations called for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations you two. Much much love, chrissy, peter, miranda, tom and millie xxxxxxxoooooo

  7. Congratulations Meg and Alistair
    Well done – so pleased and excited for both of you. The rest of the time away can only get better and better.

    Much love
    Jane and Quentin

    • Alistair and Meg, Wonderful news! We have been really happy to welcome Alistair and Charlie into our family. Thanks for the great news and Lots of love to you both. Mary and Doug

  8. Congratulations to you both! This is wonderful and exciting news and we wish you joy! With lots of love from Hamish, Steph, Eleanor and Evelyn

    [[And apologies to you both for the cross-platform temporal anomalies inherent in this message’s passage through the WordPress-Twitter-Facebook information vortex – by which we mean to say that we are sorry to be so slow in getting our comments in the right place!!!!]]

  9. Congrats, Claire and I wish you both a wonderful life together. We told the “squirel” in Banff and he too was overjoyed at the news and wishes you all the best!!! John and Val (from Hussar) are over in Europe now and pass on their best as well. To say this has been a life changing journey must be one hell of an understatement, what a trip!!
    Ralph & Claire

  10. Congratulations Al and Meg See what happens when you are away from home to long. Enjoy the journeys, the ride of your life.
    Cheers Pam & Ewan

  11. Congratulations from all of us here in Derrinal. So excited for you both – took me some time to work out how to do all this now I am retired!!! Well done Alistair, what a romantic thing to do and I would have loved to see the look on Meg’s face. See you both when you return – have a great time in the remainder of your journey – looks like you have had a splendid time. Love and best wishes Cathy and Len xx

  12. WOWEE Meg and Al what wonderful news and a great location to make such step!!!!
    look forward to seeing you both on your return. i think a night of food, song and dance will be in order after the jet lag wears off.
    lots of love and hugs


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