Prince Edward Island – down the beaten track (literally)

The very old red sunken roads of Prince Edward Island established in days of horse and buggy are not well frequented by tourists which was a fabulous bonus for us. For one, the roads are narrow and not easy for cars to pass and we got to see some very scenic countryside. Most of you know I have a farming background and Meg also has a love of the land, so the combination of farming land, forests and historic roads was right up our alley.



There are only a handful of these roads that are navigable and I refer to them as sunken because their base is well below that of the surrounding land and in many places the trees have formed a complete canopy. Whilst we only did about 8km on these roads, they provided one of the best experiences I have had on my trip across Canada. Mind you it was only a short time after I had just proposed to Meg, so I think we were both still on a high. The other bonus is that the roads were dry and I suspect it would not have been possible to ride on rough and slippery red clay. Even the very steep gradients didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. For the cyclists reading this, some of the gradients were off the scale of my GPS which only went up to 18%. So I’m guessing some of these hills were in the low 20s. The pictures don’t really capture the grind as we wobbled up.





Another aspect of this day trip around some very productive farming land of PEI was utilising The Confederation Rail Trail. We only rode a small section but the whole trail goes the entire length of the island and is well used by cyclists. The trail surface is in good repair and there are numerous resting points along the way. From the trail we could get a close look at the various cereal crops, oil seeds, soya beans, hay crops, maize, potatoes, dairy and beef farms. It is unseasonably dry here but you would hardly know it from an Australian perspective given the amount of greenery. An added bonus was the blackberries we could freely pick along the rail trail. (The photos were taken from the Rail Trail, main roads and the red roads).













Meg did a great job in riding 80km’s, having not ridden for some time and not long off the plane from Australia.


7 thoughts on “Prince Edward Island – down the beaten track (literally)

  1. Congratulations to you both on the important “Will you”……”Yes” occasion, involving a certain Canadian ring. No wonder you mention that perhaps you are both still on a high while cycling on PEI. Enjoy! Garry

  2. Hi Alistair and Meg well done with the cycling! Kate Sulis (from BC) is also on PEI now! (Following cycling blogs is almost a full time occupation) Hope you catch up with her.

    • Hi Jane, yes I read Kate’s blog last night. With our little trip South of Halifax she has started to catch up a bit. Will keep an eye on her progress.

      Also, thank you very much for your message of congratulations. We certainly will make the most of the rest our time here. Currently on our way to Baddeck, where we will start heading around the Cabot trail. Please pass on our regards to Quentin. Alistair

  3. Hey Al & Meg – great photos – I bet the ones going uphill don’t do justice to the ACTUAL gradient (never does). Pics are fabulous and we’re still enjoying your tales.

  4. Wow, what fantastic news you guys!!!! Three cheers from the RumWads and I must say that it is simply marvellous to see you back on your bike Meg! All our love Mary, Phil, Emma and Beth xxx

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