Should we walk this trail?…….”when hunting pedestrians”…..

Meg and I were going for a walk on the Burnt Head Trail near Cupids (a small fishing village about an hours drive WNW of St John’s) when we came across this sign. All well intended I’m sure but there is a couple of ways you could read it!!


We arrived in St John’s yesterday afternoon and after finding somewhere to stay we quickly scurried up Signal Hill which was only about 1km from our hotel. The views overlooking the city and the Atlantic were stunning, but one of the significant points of interest about Signal Hill is it was the receiving point of the first transatlantic wireless signal in 1901. This of course heralded the status of radio as a new dimension for communicating in the twentieth century and lead to the redundancy of cable.










Today we hired a car and ventured north west of St John’s to explore the rugged coastline and the fishing villages of Cupids and Brigus. Whenever we got off the track we also had the bonus of finding wild blueberries which are prolific in this area. The link will take you to a nicely done youtube site that shows off this dramatic coastline we are surrounded by better than I could by photos alone. Burnt Head Trail near Cupids








3 thoughts on “Should we walk this trail?…….”when hunting pedestrians”…..

  1. love both of you very much (but especially meg) chrissy xxx I guess you’ll be home soon, but hope the magic never leaves.. chrissy xx

  2. Actually, can I revise the prior message to say I truly wish the magic lasts. It should! and it wil if you keep an eye on it!! chrissy xx (if this still sounds like an old grump, I am 50 in two weeks an just saw the movie “Hope Springs” yesterday, so please consider in context.) I truly wish you the absolute bestest.

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