Ferryland – rich archaeological site

This time Meg and I are south of St John’s. We could have easily spent a lot more time in the northern Avalon area but we want to try and balance the opportunity to take in as much as we can without rushing around too much. Using a B & B near Aquaforte for a few days as a base we will visit various towns and sites that have been recommended to us before heading back to St Johns.

Today we got another history lesson, this time it revolved around the Colony of Avalon and a very rich archaeological site at Ferryland. The site is still uncovering many artefacts which continue to help build the story around the lives of those who established this settlement in 1621.

We were able to walk on cobbled roads, see parts of the original walls and drainage systems and the old wharf area. Many of the artefacts are on display in the Interpretative Centre close to the dig area.









Meg and I also visited the laboratory where they are sorting through the artefacts which are unearthed almost every day and could speak to the researchers handling these fantastic relics of the pasts.



The area was shrouded in fog most of the day so photo opportunities were few and far between. If the weather improves we will return here because the scenery is spectacular.





3 thoughts on “Ferryland – rich archaeological site

    • Happening or happened? Well, according to the guides apart from one winter after a French attack the place has always been inhabited by european / english settlers since 1621, unfortunately they haven’t found much evidence of the natives of the area it was mostly destroyed, as they were. The archaeology does however beautifully reflects passing of time since 1621 so its an extremely productive site in terms of finds. It was amazing being guided around the site and watching people digging and they showed the items they just found; shards of glazed and painted pottery, glass and bits of tobacco pipes. Completely alive archaeology – brilliant. m & a

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