As far east as we can go.

It was a special moment on the 23rd of August as we all meet up again at Cape Spear, the most eastern point of North America to celebrate our traversing of Canada.



I have thoroughly enjoyed touring by bike and feel that it is a richly rewarding way to explore a country, meet people and appreciate how the landscape has shaped and will continue to shape peoples lives.


I hope you have enjoyed the journey and were able to glean something from our experience. I have enjoyed doing the blog which although has been quite a big commitment, it has been very rewarding. It has been a good process to reflect on what I have learnt, thought and experienced and finding ways to express this. Your feedback and comments along the way have been an important component of this, so thank you.

This by no means will be the last tour, but next time it will be even better if Meg is able to join me so we can share the experience.


Over the coming weeks there will be more blogs as I pull together some thoughts, learnings, tips and reflections etc. But for now and the next few days we will enjoy what time we have left in St John’s and Montreal before returning home on the 2nd September.

John and Annie don’t return home until later in September after a well earned cycling holiday in France with other friends from the Bendigo cycling network. The blog doesn’t adequately reflect everything that happens behind the scenes to make the tour possible and to keep it going day to day. The planning, commitment, daily decisions, logistics and coordination, communications, filming etc requires a lot of time and negotiation. John planted the seeds of inspiration and opportunity for me to come along so I am very grateful to John and Annie for including me in what was has truly been a trip of a lifetime.

I would also like to thank my colleagues at Rural Finance for their support and encouragement.

And of course I also thank the very generous, hospitable and friendly Canadians who have opened their doors so freely and made us so very welcome in their homes. They gave us good advice to keep us safe, introduced us to new opportunities and greater insights to their communities and way of life.


26 thoughts on “As far east as we can go.

  1. Well done. Your epic achievement is an inspiration. Great things can be achieved far beyond what we might initially think is possible. My life has been enriched through your blog, which in itself is a great testiment to your dedication and resilience in view of the task confronting you in all manner of ways. Congratulations.

    • Thanks Barry, I am incredibly grateful that you have found inspiration through this achievement. If I have done nothing else than to provide some inspiration for others to take on a challenge or at least travel and explore then I would be very satisfied. Alistair

  2. Hey Alistair, I have so enjoyed following your tour via this blog; the photos, commentary and adventure have been ace. (I think you might have found yourself a new career traversing the world by bike!) You look soooo happy in these last few photos and I’m looking forward to hosting a ‘slide night’ at BF (JB’s installed a projector now!) so we can all eat, go through the rest of your photos, hear some more anecdotes and be merry! Can’t wait to see you and Meg!

    • Thanks Kathy, I look forward to a some merrymaking at BF. The photo opportunities have been fantastic so it will be hard to choose! Will be one of my jobs before I get back to work. Alistair

  3. Dear Alistair Meg John and Annie

    Well done a great achievement probally not yet fully realised and sure the coming day and weeks will bring amazing reflections of precious moments that you have encountered and life long friendship that you have made.
    Looking forward to seeing you back in the land of OZ road soon God willing.
    Many Blessings

  4. Hi Alistair, Meg, John & Annie,
    What a fantastic trip and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your blogs, stories and pics. (also congratulations on your engagement). You really made us feel like we were part of the trip. Safe travels home and for John & Annie, in France. Cheers, Pat Ibbotson

  5. Dear Alistair, congratulation on such a wonderful achievement. I love your last photo it really does say it all. Look forward to sharing all your stories. So pleased that Meg was able to join you for the last little bit. Really enjoyed reading your blogs and your photos are just stunning. Travel home safe,
    Love manda and Paul

  6. Alistair. Guess you need new T-shirts that add “yes indeed” to canadothis! :~) CONGRATS to all of you and belatedly to you and Meg on your wonderful news. Cape Spear brings back a fond memory of our trip to the Rock. One of the things on my very long bucket list was to watch a sunrise at Cape Spear. So for my 60th bday, this guy I live with amazingly got up about 4am and accompanied me out so I could fulfill my dream. It still brings shivers to my spine! One of the other items is to visit down-under so be prepared for guests. Besides, you owe us dinner and an air mattress on the porch! :~) Hugs, Marilyn on the island on the other side of the country.

    • Hi Marilyn, how wonderful you may be able to make your way to Australia. Of course we would love to have you stay in Bendigo and show you around.

      I understand what you say about Cape Race. I was quite fortunate to get the photos of the lighthouse when I did as the whole scene changed only moments later. Still stunning but not quite as eerie and ghostly. This area would have to be one of our favourites. We also loved sitting near the edge of the cliff waiting for the fog to clear to get better photos of the rookery. The fog didn’t clear but I did get some nice photos of Meg lying on the grass.

      I hope we get to see you soon, Alistair

  7. Congratulations on your incredible accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your journey, we have thoroughly enjoyed the informative blogs and award winning pictures. Glad your trip has been so memorable (especially with your engagement to Meg). Take care and safe travels home.
    Your Canadian friends,
    Scott and Janice Yule 🙂

    • Thankyou Scott and Janice, it was great to be able to share our adventure. I look forward to keeping in contact with you both. You can count on a place to stay when you come down under. Canada presented herself so beautifully there was much inspiration to take the photos. kind regards, Alistair

  8. Alistair, Alan & I just heard you speaking on ABC so hooked into your blog to read more about your fantastic trip. Would love to follow in your tracks but a hire car sounds more our style. Cheers, Kerrie & Alan Campbell

    • Hi Kerrie, great to hear from you. Are you still at YP? We had a really good time and look forward to planning our next trip, hopefully with Meg next time. Please say h to Alan. Alistair

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