It is about time I did something a little more adventurous. Do you think riding across Canada on a bicycle falls into this category? I guess it depends on what your experience has been to date. For me, yes it will be adventurous enough, but I think this also goes with the territory of being 45. It is also time to embrace the technology at our disposal so I can share the wonderful opportunity that lies before me. It is not everyday you get the opportunity to combine work, and your passions at the same time. Cycling, friendship, photography, camping, sustainable agriculture, seeking innovation in agricultural finance and of course meeting people and enjoying wonderful Canadian hospitality along the way should provide learnings and memories for a lifetime. This website is a record of this journey.

To view Professor John Martin’s blog regarding Sustainable Towns Study, click here.

Click here to view video snapshots along the journey.

View the interactive Google Map here.


This website was created with the help from Charles Walker of ‘Bendigo Tech Tutor’. Click here to view the website of this tutoring and website development service.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Looks pretty awesome to me! Make sure you keep young John Martin under control!
    Drink plenty of Molesons and Labbatts.
    I look forward to following the adventure.

    Bill Simpson

  2. Hi Alistair, John, Annie and Trevor: I am sitting in the comfort of my friend’s house in Oliver while it pours rain outside, finally getting a chance to look at your blog and do a bit more work on mine. Yours of course looks great and is very thorough. Maybe by the time I get to Newfoundland mine too will be so sharp!
    Can you please email me a photo or two of our supper together and I will put them into my “Hope” post.
    Continue having a fabulous time.

  3. Hello there Alistair,

    How are you holding up? The weather wouldn’t be any colder than what it is in Bendigo at the moment. Nice photos too. Hope you are both enjoying the journey.


  4. Hello all, I just had the pleasure of being interviewed by Annie about Arts, Culture, Heritage and the Unity Plan for CommUNITY Sustainability. What a delight. I wish you all success in your travelling, learning and teaching journey! In Unity, Teri

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