Cabot Trail – worth the wait


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On numerous websites the Cabot Trail is often noted as a Top 10 cycling destination. This was continually reinforced by people we had met across Canada who urged us to go there if we could. It wasn’t on our original … Continue reading

A big thank you

Meg and I have been very lucky to be inundated with congratulatory wishes on our engagement via the blog and also emails. I have replied to some but I am struggling to get to all of you, not helped by being in a poor reception area.

So to all of you, please accept a big thank you from Meg and I. It is wonderful to have so much support.

We are currently touring the Cabot Trail of Cape Breton. A very scenic part of the country and also providing a great cycling challenge. The mountains may not be huge but the gradients are very steep. Typically 9-15% for most of the climb. I will do a blog when time and reception permits. A couple of photos to give you an idea of what is to come.



Prince Edward Island – down the beaten track (literally)


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The very old red sunken roads of Prince Edward Island established in days of horse and buggy are not well frequented by tourists which was a fabulous bonus for us. For one, the roads are narrow and not easy for … Continue reading