Sustainable Canadian Communities Study – May to end of August 2012

Week One: 30 April to 6 May

Arrive in Vancouver BC Travel to Pemberton  (3 day acclimatisation)
Pemberton to Horseshoe Bay 134kms + evening ferry to Nanaimo  (1 day)
Nanaimo to Comox 108kms (1 day)
Comox to Sayward

138kms (1 day)

Sayward to Port Alice

190kms (1day)

Week Two: 7 to 13 May

Port Alice field work (2 days)
Port Alice to Sayward 190kms (1 day)
Sayward to Comox 130kms (1 day)
Comox to Nanaimo 108kms (1 day)
Nanaimo to Victoria 118 kms (1 day)
Victoria rest day (1 day)

Week Three: 14 to 20 May

Victoria to Vancouver via Schwartz Bay/Tsawwassen (ferry) 38/34kms (1 day)
Vancouver rest day (1 day)
Vancouver to Hope 150kms (1 day)
Hope to Spences Bridge 143kms (1 day)
Spences Bridge to Kamloops 132kms (1 day)
Kamloops rest day (1 day)
Kamloops to Salmon Arm 110kms (1 day)

Week Four: 21 to 27 May

Salmon Arm to Revelstoke 103kms (1 day)
Revelstoke to Golden 151kms (1 day)
Golden field work (1 day)
Golden to Lake Louise AB 87kms (1 day)
Lake Louise rest days (2 days)
Lake Louise to Banff 60kms 60kms (1 day)

Week Five: 28 May to 3 June

Banff to Calgary 130kms (1 day)
Calgary to Hussar 103kms (1 day)
Hussar field work (2 days)
Hussar to Youngstown 171kms (1 day)
Youngstown to Kindersley SK 149kms (1 day)
Kindersley to Outlook 154kms (1 day)

Week Six: 4 to 10 June

Outlook to Craik 119kms (1 day)
Craik to Regina 124kms (1 day)
Regina field work (1 day)
Regina to Neudorf 131kms (1 day)
Neudorf to Binscarth MB 172kms (1 day)
Binscarth to Brandon 167kms (1 day)
Brandon rest day (1 day)

Week Seven: 11 to 17 June

Brandon to Mariapolis 123kms (1 day)
Mariapolis to Morden 95kms (1 day)
Morden field work (2 days)
Morden to Winnipeg 131kms (1 day)
Winnipeg to Kenora ON 210kms (1 day)
Kenora to Caliper Lake 127kms (1 day)

Week Eight: 18 to 24 June

Caliper Lake to Taylor’s Cove 128kms (1 day)
Taylor’s Cove to Quetico 154kms (1 day)
Quetico rest day (1 day)
Quetico to Thunder Bay 177kms (1 day)
Thunder Bay to Nipigon 114kms (1 day)
Nipigon to Marathon  183kms (1 day)
Marathon field work (1 day)

Week Nine: 25 June to 1 July

Marathon field work (1 day)
Marathon to White Lake 66kms (1 day)
White Lake to Lake Superior Park 163kms (1 day)
Lake Superior Park to Goulais Riv 170kms (1 day)
Goulais Riv to Thessalon 123kms (1 day)
Thessalon to Massey 130kms (1 day)
Massey to Manitowaning 111kms (1 day)

Week Ten: 2 to 8 July

Manitowaning to Tobermory 42kms (1 day)
Tobermory to Owen Sound 138kms (1 day)
Owen Sound to Toronto 190kms (1 day)
Toronto rest day (2 days)
Toronto to Peterborough 135kms (1 day)
Peterborough to Tweed 98kms (1 day)

Week Eleven: 9 to 16 July

Tweed field work (2 days)
Tweed to Ottawa 190kms (1 day)
Ottawa rest day (1 day)
Ottawa to Montreal 198kms (1 day)
Montreal visit U Concordia (2 days)

Week Twelve: 17 to 24 July

Montreal visit U Concordia (1 day for a total of 3 days)
Montreal to Trois-Rivieres 137kms (1 day)
Trois-Rivieres to Quebec City 126kms (1 day)
Quebec City to Armagh 81kms (1 day)
Armagh field work (2 days)
Armagh to Riviere-du Loup 176kms (1 day)

Week Thirteen: 25 to 31 July

Riviere-du Loup to Grand Falls NB 180kms (1 day)
Grand Falls to Fredericton 212kms (1 day)
Fredericton rest day (1 day)
Fredericton to Blissfield 100kms (1 day)
Blissfield field work (2 days)
Blissfield to Saint-Louis-de–Kent 128kms (1 day)

Week Fourteen: 1 to 14 August

Saint-Louis-de-Kent to Murray Beach 124kms (1 day)
Murray Beach to Cornwall 86kms (1 day)
Cornwall to Lower Barney’s River NS 117kms (1 day) ferry to Caribou NS
Lower Barney’s River to Lake Ainslie 167kms (1 day)
Lake Ainslie field work (2 days)
Lake Ainslie to Sydney 116kms (1 day)

Week Fifteen: 15 to 21 August

Sydney to Channel-Port aux Basques rest day ferry (1 day)
Channel-Port aux Basques to Stephenville Crossing 154kms (1 day)
Stephenville Crossing to Corner Brook 74kms (1 day)
Corner Brook field work (2 days)
Corner Brook to Sheppardville 151kms (1 day)
Sheppardville to Grand Falls-Windsor 115kms (1 day)


Week Sixteen: 22  to 30 August (9 days)

Grand Falls-Windsor to Gander 94kms (1 day)
Gander to Goobies 175kms (1 day)
Goobies to St John’s 162kms (1 day)
St John’s field work (2 days)
St John’s to Montreal by plane (1 day)
Montreal U Concordia (3 days)

Depart Canada 31 August

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