Agriculture more than ever

Agriculture more than ever…Canadian Agriculture. It’s time to tell the real story.

When I first walked into Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Head Office in Regina I was greeted by a big pull up banner that wasn’t about FCC. It was a powerful and positive statement about Agriculture. This made quite an impression on me because we are so used to people raising the perception of Agriculture as a poor career path or investment option yet we don’t often see bold efforts to change these perceptions.

FCC are embarking on a program to address these issues and encouraging those within the industry to talk it up. The tag line: Agriculture- More Than Ever, struck a chord with me and I felt it worth mentioning.

Maybe there is something in this Rural Finance could take away from a Victorian Ag perspective?

FCC is Canada’s largest lender to Agriculture and Agribusiness with around 29% market share.

Research undertaken by FCC shows that whilst many farmers foresee a progressive and vibrant future in agriculture many outside agriculture don’t share these views. For what ever reason these perceptions persist, when you consider that farmers produce not just food for millions but also growing the raw ingredients for life-saving medicines and other consumer goods it is still an industry misunderstood.

FCC have produced a little booklet from which I quote a small section which if embraced would go along way to help shift perceptions and create positive dialogue about agriculture.

“We also need to realise that the story of Canadian agriculture is told in our behaviour and attitude – how we talk to our kids, our neighbours or other business people. The best way for people to share our passion and optimism for agriculture is to let it shine through in everything we say and do. Be proud. Champion our industry”

For more about this initiative I refer you to the website.