Travelling tip for touring cyclists

As we are seeing and hearing so much on this trip it is hard to recall it all. If you are the “reflective” type like me it isn’t until I’m well down the track that I start to raise questions in my head, or ideas for the blog etc. I need to write things down there and then or I forget the idea, thing to do, issue to raise etc., or I’m chewing it over and over to the expense of thinking about anything else.

At one stage after a stimulating meeting with Gary Pike I was stopping every km or so to bring out the notepad which really slowed my progress down. It became apparent that what I needed was a digital dictaphone (I can hear you now Trev – yes got all the gadgets) which enables me to record my thoughts without stopping. It has also been particularly useful to record information about photos I have taken.

I could have used the iPhone, however as I’m required to put in a security code, select the app, and at times I have long fingered gloves on etc., I found this option unsafe and inconvenient when on the move.

So for what it is worth, a simple, light weight dictaphone like this could be a useful addition to your cycle tour.